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Introducing BankLink

30 March 2011

A quarter of a century in the making
For more than 25 years BankLink has provided easy to use accounting solutions that deliver improved efficiencies, communication and profits for accounting practices and their clients.

We work hard to make their business lives easier.

As a recognised market leader, BankLink services over 5,000 accounting practices and over over quarter of a million small businesses throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Bank feeds are a core part of our offering – where bank transaction data is fed directly into a business owner’s accounting system or to their accountant. Thanks to our proprietary systems built over many years, we deliver the most secure, reliable and accurate client transaction data from over 100 financial institutions.

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How BankLink began

BankLink was founded in 1986 in New Zealand by Malcolm MacDonald, Derek Jones and Steve Agnew. Their aim was to provide a time-saving service to accountants and their small business clients. It was clear to them that one of the most time-consuming processes for accountants was re-keying their small business clients’ bank statements into their practice’s own computer system.

It seemed logical that if this data was already recorded by the computer systems of financial institutions, it would be possible to transfer the data directly to the accountants’ computer systems. This would enable accountants to turn the data into valuable financial information for their clients, create efficiencies and provide added value to their service. And so, BankLink was born.

BankLink’s evolution

Our New Zealand-based company flourished over the ensuing years, building a great reputation and a base of hundreds of thousands of happy clients while expanding its range of products and services.

In June 2013, MYOB purchased the company to unite both companies’ service offerings for the benefit of New Zealand and Australian businesses. MYOB BankLink works with a client base of more than 1.2 million SME clients businesses and 15,000 accounting firms across New Zealand and Australia.

Our market leading business offers the most comprehensive range of accounting solutions in the market - powered by the most accurate, reliable and secure bank feeds system available.
Today, our commitment to making business life easier for the accounting community and its clients remains as strong as ever.

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