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Outsourcing offers some practices a great way of dealing with peak periods or a shortage of qualified staff without over-stretching their resources. As pioneers of accounts outsourcing, Backoffis put their faith in The BankLink Service, not only for its ability to reduce costs, but for the security and reliability it offers.

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Bladen King & Associates

Khanh Huynh, from Bladen King & Associates, has been using BankLink for over 13 years. After testing other online accounting software available, he strongly believes using MYOB BankLink is a no brainer – it provides the highest level of data quality, reliability and security in the marketplace, as well as making his practice run more efficiently. read more >


Thorne Accounting

When it comes to making money from property accounting, speed is king. Tony Thorne recognised this and quickly made The BankLink Service an essential part of how his practice processes accounts for rental property clients. Consistent year-on-year growth of $50,000 proves that he made the right decision. read more >


Harris Taylor Limited Case Study

The team at Hawera based Harris Taylor Limited share a single ambition, “to be the best at everything we do.” Through the BankLink Certification Programme, they found a way that they could prove to clients that they were serious about providing the best possible service. read more >


Sa & Birk Case Study

Accounting practice Sa & Birk were achieving dramatic efficiency gains from moving clients onto The BankLink Service. For the gains to continue, they needed to convince clients who had already invested in an electronic cashbook to make the switch to BankLink. No one likes change – but Sa & Birk had a plan. read more >


Taylor Associates Case Study

Todrick Taylor is the sole partner at Taylor Associates. He was often the bottleneck when it came to completing work – so turnaround times weren’t great. Todrick found that the key to improving things was a tool that would empower his staff to step up and take on more responsibility. read more >


McGreevy and Associates Case Study

Receiving clients’ transaction information electronically is best practice. After experiencing problems with data collection, Bryan McGreevy from McGreevy and Associates has found that The BankLink Service has distinct advantages for his practice. read more >


Bennett Gibson Group Case Study

Sometimes, even when everything is fitting together well, you still feel that there’s something missing. That’s how Bennett Gibson Group, an accounting practice in Te Puke, saw their internal operations. Partner Lance Ewens explains the missing piece was the certainty that comes with controlled scheduling. read more >


Johnston Associates Case Study

Having a streamlined practice is incredibly important to Johnston Associates. Although they have used BankLink since 2003, Johnston Associates realised that The BankLink Service could be used in a more effective way to cater for the individual needs of their clients. read more >