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"The BankLink Service provides the security and control we need"

03 September 2013

Outsourcing offers some practices a great way of dealing with peak periods or a shortage of qualified staff without over-stretching their resources. As pioneers of accounts outsourcing, Backoffis put their faith in The BankLink Service, not only for its ability to reduce costs, but for the security and reliability it offers.

Backoffis is part of an international accounting group that provides accounting, bookkeeping, tax and payroll services to practices across the globe including New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. The group was established in India in 1975 and has been providing outsourcing services since 2001.

For an expanding multinational with over 500 staff and growing at a rate of almost 20% per year, a secure, accurate and reliable data supply is essential, and according to Manager, Jatin Patel, that’s where BankLink comes in.

“For Backoffis, security of our clients’ information is our primary concern. We have invested heavily in developing a network and infrastructure that meets those security needs and BankLink fits in well with that.”

According to Jatin, it is vital that his clients, and his fellow (Backoffis NZ) Directors, have confidence in the systems they use and recommend. “A proven track record is one of the first things we look for before we adopt any new service or system. BankLink has been servicing the industry for over 25 years and has a huge customer base, and that speaks for itself.”

BankLink invests heavily in the security and accuracy of data and has met the same security standards for data handling as the major credit cards. Through relationships built over a 25 year period, BankLink can offer direct feeds from over 120 banks and financial institutions.

These direct feeds increase security for those business owners who use The BankLink Service. Unlike other solutions that employ screen-scraping as a method of collecting data, BankLink users will never need to provide their internet banking account login or password, avoiding serious security risks and a breach of most bank’s terms and conditions.

As the banks do not support screen-scraping, the quality of the service offered by screen-scraping solutions can be limited and subject to transactions being duplicated, while changes to the bank’s internet banking systems can put screen-scraping services out of action.

In Jatin’s opinion, data accuracy is another area where BankLink excels. “Accuracy and consistency of data are the pillars for our operational efficiency and is foremost for the survival and success of any business. With BankLink our clients can be confident in the accuracy of the data they use to monitor their business and make decisions.”

“We recommend BankLink to our clients”, says Jatin, “the data they supply is secure, accurate and reliable. It saves us time which ultimately benefits our clients.”


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