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“The formal recognition we have received proves to our clients that we strive to provide the best possible service"

03 October 2011

The team at Hawera based Harris Taylor Limited share a single ambition, “to be the best at everything we do.” Through the BankLink Certification Programme, they found a way that they could prove to clients that they were serious about providing the best possible service.

The practice was introduced to the idea of BankLink Certification during one of BankLink’s complimentary webinars. Initially they decided to send BankLink Administrator, Angela Robinson, along to complete Gold Accreditation but soon saw the benefit in extending the accreditation across their whole team.

Angela says, “It was the Partners' decision to extend the Gold Accreditation to the whole company. They wanted equal knowledge of BankLink amongst all staff to ensure all clients receive the same quality of service and to protect against staff absences.”

Despite some initial reservations amongst the team relating to their existing computer skills and a fear of change, they soon found that with the support of the BankLink Training Team and each other, the whole team were able to excel in the assessment.

“We had a great trainer who was happy to help if there was anything we didn’t understand. We all received a copy of the Gold Accreditation booklet to work through and put into practice on the software,” says Angela. “It was a lot easier to complete in a group, as the team encouraged each other and made each other more determined to do well.”

Investing in Gold Accreditation for their entire team represents a great achievement for Harris Taylor Limited. It has also rewarded them with benefits that extend beyond their knowledge of The BankLink Service, as Angela explains: “The formal recognition we have received proves to our clients that we strive to provide the best possible service. It also gives our staff the confidence in their own ability and their knowledge of BankLink. The team building that takes place when you train as a group has brought our company closer together.”



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