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“With BankLink we can be more responsive and provide greater value to our clients.”

07 April 2011

Having a streamlined practice is incredibly important to Johnston Associates. Although they have used BankLink since 2003, Johnston Associates realised that The BankLink Service could be used in a more effective way to cater for the individual needs of their clients.

According to Logan Granger, of Johnston Associates Chartered Accountants Limited, "BankLink enables us to provide a lot more value to our clients who sell services – retail, consulting and trades. Using BankLink, we can provide them with timely and accurate information from which they can make sound business decisions."

"We utilise BankLink reports when clients need to communicate with their banks – e.g. confirming businesses are within their loan covenants and for applying for new loans. The banks are confident in the data, and reports can be prepared on a timely basis."

Another key factor has been the practice's ability to choose the right BankLink Client Tool to suit the individual needs of their clients.

"By choosing the tools that are specific to individual needs we can really add value. BankLink breaks down the barriers between the client and us. We're not hassling them all the time. We can turn jobs around more quickly for them and be more responsive to their needs."

Alex Melrose, owner of VetCare, a veterinary hospital, cattery and retail store, is a great example of one of Johnston Associates clients who really benefit from The BankLink Service.

"Alex used to manage his own cashbook but we switched him to BankLink Books. We now provide him with timely and accurate information that he uses to help understand and manage his cash flow. He also uses the monthly profit and loss reports to compare against his budget. It has also saved Alex a considerable amount of time."

Logan says, “By using BankLink we have saved a considerable amount of time and cost. For a typical client, we save four to 10 hours per annum, which is about a 30 percent reduction in our overall account processing. For years it has also been difficult to attract staff and have sufficient capacity, using BankLink has helped to keep our heads above water."

"We save tens of thousands of dollars per year and our clients and staff are a lot happier. This has created spare capacity that we use to add value to existing clients and to service the needs of more clients.”

“BankLink has allowed us to streamline how we collect and process client data,” says Logan, “it has also enabled us to provide a more responsive service to our clients. They get the information they need, can focus on their business and are assured that their compliance work is under control.”


  • Delivered tailored communications
  • Work delivered has doubled
  • Increased client numbers
  • Provided greater value to clients
  • Reduced account processing by 30 percent


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