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“We can be sure the data BankLink sends to us is 100 percent accurate and arrives on time, every time.”

08 April 2011

Receiving clients’ transaction information electronically is best practice. After experiencing problems with data collection, Bryan McGreevy from McGreevy and Associates has found that The BankLink Service has distinct advantages for his practice.

"BankLink delivers data to us so quickly and seamlessly, which gives us a real head start in processing GST returns for the month," Bryan explains.

Accuracy of data is another important point of difference.

"We can be sure the data BankLink sends us is 100 percent accurate and arrives on time, every time. This makes us more efficient, and we've been able to grow our business without bringing in extra resources."

"There is no other product like BankLink on the market," Bryan continues. "It's so flexible and you can put wild cards into the auto-coding process and add dollar limits – rather than having to accept a particular code."

The combination of superior software and the country's largest pool of data sources means that manual coding has been all but eliminated.

"A biggish client for us has about 200 transactions per month. Of those transactions we'll find that only three to four need manual coding."

"The main benefit for us has been that we can put more work through the business," says Bryan. "By not physically keying things in, and by avoiding errors, we have made time savings that allow us to do at least twice as much work."

"Because GST returns are so quick for us to do, we've approached existing clients who used to do it themselves, and taken that work off their hands. And because we're querying odd transactions on a monthly basis, end of year accounts are also much simpler than they used to be."

Integration between BankLink and McGreevy's other systems has been seamless. "BankLink integrates really well to our practice management software."

"I think that part of what makes BankLink work so well is the service and support," Bryan concludes.

"On the rare occasions when we do need to call them, you're not on hold listening to terrible music. And we deal with the same people who know our business, so we don't have to explain things multiple times. Emails are responded to promptly, they don't just go into a black hole."

The numbers back up Bryan's praise. "We've got more than 90 percent of our clients on BankLink, from rental properties to panel beaters. It's made a fantastic difference."


  • Client transaction information received on time, every time
  • Errors have been practically eliminated
  • Manual coding required for only two percent of transactions
  • Simple and seamless integration with practice management systems
  • Personal support
  • Time-savings have led to a doubling of throughput


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