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“BankLink takes the stress out of doing your accounts.”

16 August 2011

Doing the books used to be a major source of frustration for Anita Ransfield. Manually processing the accounts for her two busy cafés, the Local Café and 19th Hole Café, had become an overwhelming burden.

"I had to take time off and spend all day doing bookwork. It was tedious, so I'd often leave it till the last minute."

When switching to The BankLink Service, Anita was impressed by how simple her accounts became. "Numbers have never come naturally to me, but now I can do my accounts with little effort."

Anita's accountant introduced her to BankLink and the measurable benefits she's achieved mean she'll never go back.

"BankLink allows most transactions to be automatically coded and my accountant has all the information at his fingertips. Even doing the end of year accounts is easy, and it's always correct."

"Now I can focus my energy where it's needed – on running my businesses and spending time with my family."

"It's so simple that I've already recommended BankLink to quite a few people, including another accountant!"

Talk to your accountant about how BankLink can save you time.


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