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“BankLink saves you time on your accounts and saves you from making mistakes.”

14 April 2011

Peter Le Heron runs 470 cows on two dairy units. He says it only takes him 25 minutes to do the accounts and quarterly returns for both enterprises.

"That's because I use BankLink, and have done for five years. The bank statement information gets sent through electronically. It used to be that my accountant or I had to punch in the numbers."

Because BankLink automatically receives transaction information, Peter's accounts are always up to date.

"That's great when banking people come around to talk," he says.

"BankLink has just the features you need," Peter says.

"Compared to other systems, it's very simple to use. But it still does everything you need to get the books ready for an accountant to analyse."

"Basically, BankLink saves you time and saves you from making mistakes – I'd recommend it to any farmer."

Talk to your accountant about how BankLink can save you time.


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