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Loading new accounts

08 April 2011

Click on the links below to download the forms for loading new accounts onto The BankLink Service.

Third Party Authority Form

To load an account onto The BankLink Service we require a signed Third Party Authority Form. There are two simple ways to get one:

  1. Download one here >
  2. Simply visit the Clients page in BankLink Practice. You'll find a download link direct from your software in the 'Contact Clients' section

Loading Provisional Accounts

Our Provisional Accounts functionality lets you process all of your clients' accounts in BankLink Practice - even ones that aren't currently available.

Using a Provisional Account, you can enter or import transactions supplied by your client until the account becomes available. Once any of your Provisional Accounts become available we'll let you know what actions you need to take.

If you would like to request a Provisional Account, please complete these steps:

  1. Complete a Third Party Authority Form as normal, but use the check box to indicate that any accounts not available through BankLink should be supplied as Provisional Accounts
  2. Post or email your completed forms to us.