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MYOB BankLink - FAQs for Accountants

29 July 2013

The unification of BankLink and MYOB will provide a greater range of options and opportunities for you and your clients. The MYOB acquisition may also have generated some questions about the future of our products and services. You can find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions here.

  1. Do I have to start using the new MYOB BankLink logo and update all the marketing materials in my practice, on our website etc?

    No, right now you don’t need to do anything, you can continue using the MYOB and BankLink logos.

    We will be slowly introducing the new combined MYOB & BankLink logo. Initially you will see it on our website, print and online advertising, and communications to you and at sponsored events.

    Over the next few months we will be working on combining the MYOB and BankLink marketing materials available for you and your clients. We will work with you all individually to introduce these into your practice.

  2. Will you be integrating your brands and stands at sponsored events?

    We’ve already started the process of integrating our teams, and you will start to see more of a united look and feel over the coming months on our material and at events.

    We will have a brand new co-branded look at the Accountants BDO in October, where you will be able to talk to us about both MYOB and BankLink solutions.

  3. What will you be doing about the different MYOB and BankLink partner programmes?

    Over the next few months we will be reviewing both our partner programmes and seeing how we can possibly combine them to ensure your practice gets the most value and we are helping you as much as possible to promote MYOB and BankLink solutions to your clients.

  4. Will ‘The BankLink Service’ remain the same?

    Yes, it is business as usual, so we will continue to deliver reliable, secure and accurate client transaction data to your practice. Your key contacts will remain the same, ensuring we maintain our high standards of data quality, customer service and support.

    You should continue to load new accounts onto The BankLink Service and book new training sessions if your practice needs them.  

    However, our product teams are already collaborating on enhancements to our existing solutions and the development of new solutions, for both you and your clients.

    MYOB acquired BankLink on the success of The BankLink Service and will only look to improve it in the future. Changes will be an evolution not a revolution.

  5. Will the customer service and support I currently receive change?

    BankLink’s Client Services and Support Teams will remain the same, so we do not envisage any disruptions to the high level of service you currently receive.

    BankLink will be working closely with MYOB to ensure you continue to experience good service levels.

  6. Who is my contact person going forward?

    Your key contacts will remain the same. You will continue to work with your current BankLink Regional Account Manager.

    For any BankLink support queries, you will still contact the current BankLink Support and Client Services teams.

    If you have any MYOB support queries, you will need to contact them directly.

  7. I love the current suite of simple to use BankLink solutions, will these continue to be available or will I have to start using MYOB solutions?

    You can continue to use the products that you love for your practice and your clients. BankLink and MYOB are both fundamentally about providing you with a range of solutions for your clients, so you can choose the best solution for their individual needs.

    Our solutions complement each other, not compete with each other:

    • BankLink is in the "Do It For Me" space - with simple, easy to use solutions for micro and small business clients, who have no desire, time or ability to do any of their own accounting work and they rely on you to do it all for them.
    • MYOB Live solutions, are more about "Do It Yourself" – with simple and easy to use solutions, designed for SME clients who have the ability and the time to do more of their own accounting work. They still want to collaborate with you and look to you for business advisory and support.

    In the near future, we will be working together on new innovative ways to help your practice become more efficient and effective when working with clients.

  8. I’m currently not using MYOB practice solutions, can I stay with my current supplier?

    MYOB BankLink will continue to integrate with all other solutions that you use, such as CCH iFirm, APS etc.

    MYOB BankLink's core business is data aggregation and that is one of the main reasons for the acquisition. MYOB BankLink will continue to provide secure, accurate and reliable transaction data, to everyone who wants it, in the accounting and wider business community.

  9. What are the benefits of staying with MYOB BankLink?

    MYOB and BankLink are both well respected, local brands in the accounting industry. Our combined expertise and experience will ensure you have the most comprehensive range of solutions for your practice and your clients. The strategic move enables MYOB to lead the online migration of small business accounting, including bank feeds, and of accountant-side solutions. We now enjoy an even bigger number of clients and partners – over one million.

    There are a lot of benefits for you now and in the future:

    • More products available for you and your clients, both online and on the desktop.
    • A greater range of solutions for your clients to suit their different needs – from micro businesses right through to large businesses. They will all be powered by MYOB BankLink’s secure, reliable and accurate transaction data – the best available in the market!
    • More people on the ground than ever before helping you – Support, Client Services, Sales, Product and Marketing
  10. What are some of the future opportunities?

    MYOB will continue to invest in ongoing product development so we can offer a wider choice of solutions for people with a wide range of different needs.

    For example:  MYOB invested AU$29.3 million in research and product development in 2012 and that will increase again in 2013. We will also invest an additional AU$5 million to fully integrate BankLink products into MYOB Accountants Office and Accountants Enterprise suites, and accelerate their move to online. Product development will follow on from the work BankLink has already done in the past few years as a result of listening to our clients about what they need.   

    MYOB and BankLink will be prioritising current projects and looking at new ones to further enhance the services already provided by BankLink and MYOB. The bringing together of these two great teams creates a substantial base from which to develop from. As well as enhancing our current solutions we will be looking at new opportunities.

    Developing and really owning the cloud space using the best data you can get – reliable, secure and accurate.

  11. Where will the BankLink offices be located?

    Our Auckland office is now the 2nd largest office in the MYOB group, with approximately 200 team members. There will be a bigger focus on the New Zealand market from a product, service and sales perspective, which is great for accountants in New Zealand.

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