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Improved Client Communication

30 March 2011

MYOB BankLink is the ideal solution for business owners who want to focus on their business, not their books.

We offer a range of tools for business owners which integrate with the BankLink software used by their accountant to improve the communication they share. These solutions are tailored to the needs and abilities of the business owner and are only available via an accountant using BankLink Practice.

If you are a business owner interested in any of the solutions below, talk to your accountant today about the benefits of BankLink to your business.


BankLink Coding Report

Allows the accountant to provide business owners with a basic means for providing additional required information about transactions. The report is sent between the accountant and their client via email, fax or post and the accountant is responsible for entering the additional information into their BankLink Practice software.


BankLink Books

For business owners who want to be more involved in their day-to-day bookwork. Transaction data can be downloaded by accountants or business owners and files can be transferred between them using the software.

A number of Financial and Management reports can also be produced using BankLink Books to assist with decision making.


BankLink Notes

BankLink Notes is available to use as desktop software, or for those who need more flexibility, online, allowing it to be used on mobile devices.

It works like an electronic version of the BankLink Coding Report. Business owners using it online will receive an email link from their accountant when additional information has been requested, whereas desktop users will have a file emailed to them to complete and return.

Want more?

For business owners who want to manage debtors and creditors without the complexity of a full cashbook, we also offer:

BankLink InvoicePlus – Create invoices
BankLink PayablesPlus – Pay suppliers